Easily Updateable

The eVias Custom Website Platform is the ultimate investment - with each purchase comes unlimited, lifetime updates. We update the platform and are adding cool features practically every day of the year.

Social Integrations

The eVias Custom Website Platform comes with several Social Platforms integration such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. Feel free to ask for a free trial license and take advantage of 30 days testing our platform for free !

Profiles & GPS

The eVias Custom Website Platform provides you with features such as a real-time GPS, near by object searches, an Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn account integration, the PayPal API and many more features. This platform is growing every day and you need to get your copy only once to be able to take profite of the daily updates of our platform !

evias.be - Your partner for Development services.

evias.be is a company in Belgium established in 2014 working mainly in the Web, Android and iOS development services branch.

Some of our projects are available on-demand: fill the contact form or click on the desired application and require a licence. We will contact you with your access details in the next 24 hours !

We want to work with you: contact us in case you need a software development, we will analyse the need with great pleasure !

We also act as a consultant in matter of management applications development and data informatization services.

Management Software and Software packages Development

Below you will find a list of our released applications. All of these are available in the Cloud and provides with a free trial version lasting over a 7 days period. Let us be your partner in management and discover our innovative modules !
Click on the 'More' button of an application to see the menu of it !





Web Software on-demand development !

Below are some of our on-demand web applications. These projects' homepage are public but the back-office part is limited to a few accounts.





Contact form - License inquiry - Support

Please use our contact form to require a license to one of our applications! We would also love to help you if you have any Support request concerning one of our applications, don't hesitate to contact us !

eVias.be Development Services

Rue du Patronage 7
4720 Kelmis, Belgique

Mail: services@evias.be
Tel.: +32 (0) 496 774016

Blog Articles

Blog articles are occasionally written by members of our Team relating to technology dilemmas, to news about the evias.be company or any of our released applications. Enjoy reading.

PHP DBO using Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo

Today we will treat about PHP and Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_* classes to perform database queries on simple PHP objects. The main point of this post is to refactor the implementation of your Database Object...

SOAP Web Service with PHP & ZendFramework

Implementing a SOAP Web Service can come in handy when developing a multi-platform application. Such as for example a web application (browser) which also provides a mobile Android device application ...

GeoNames API with jQuery

This post will be about the GeoNames.org API combined to jQuery. A Simple AJAX request will be triggered to the geonames API endpoint ‘postalCodeLookupJSON’ in order to validate and retrieve data ...

Facebook JS SDK with jQuery

in this post I will talk about Facebook authentication using the Javascript SDK provided at http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js.I will use an entirely asynchronous approach to perform the authent...

Minify CSS with PHP

today I will talk about the solution I use on personal projects for CSS minification. The minification of your CSS content is relevant when you want to reduce the download size of your web application...

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